Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of A Business

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When it comes to business there are a certain set of tools that are needed to guide the business to the next level. Much like a carpenter needs his tools to create a masterpeice, the members running a business also need tools. The tools can range from hardware like computers, data lines, servers or something as simple as log books. Or the tools can be in the form of software like database programs, spreadsheets or tax software. However there is another tool that is often over looked and not use to the full potential. Personnel and their various business ideas and strategies. Now understanding that not all personnel have strategies, that needs to be in the toolbox for thee members that are either running or managing the company. Over…show more content…
SWOT analysis helps the team to focus on the internal and external factors. SWOT also helps to point out the strengths and to identify where the ideal opportunities are for improvement. It can spot dangers and improve weaknesses.
There are four factors that SWOT analyze, and these four factors are:
• Strengths: In this step, you identify what advantages your company has to offer. The task is to find which area your company performs best in.
• Weaknesses: In this step, you will try to identify areas in which could be improved. Work to find out what tasks your company performs on weekly basis.
• Opportunities: In this step, you focus on the opportunities you company has. This area is often the area in which your competitors are performing poorly.
• Threats: In this step you examine the obstacles your business is facing. Often, this is likely the area in which your competitors are performing well.
PEST - This type of analysis is a framework that can be used to examine the external environments. The process focuses on learning about the different external factors which affect the
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• Objectives: Deciding which goals are needed to be completed to complete the mission
• Strategies: Planning different options to help move the mission forward
• Tactics: Planning how the strategies will be implemented to complete the mission
Finally, the last analytical tool I will cover is SCRS -This is a very effective business analytical tool. It claims that the analysis much flow from one stage to another, as well and the requirements follow this plan to reach the intended solution. SCRS uses another four-factor acronym to identify its sections.
• The term is an acronym for: Strategy, Current State, Requirements, Solution For our company, the one I think will be best is the PEST analysis. In using the PEST analysis the elements that involve the competition and the implementation of expanding into the global market share. In dealing with the politics for both the US and Brazil the relationships must be looked at and fostered. This can ease the burden of some processes. With the economy, the potential growth for the overseas market, the analysis must be tracked. Making sure the profit margins go in the upward direction will require the team to observe the economy in multiple countries as well as the social changes from region to region. The social construct in the US is vastly different from other countries and will need to be
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