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SWOT Analysis a) Strengths: • Strong R&D: Product innovation will continue to flourish and add to the success of the technology sector. Apple builds it up and accomplish this mainly through increased R&D. In addition to this, Apple has a lot of capital and exposure to international markets, so they can invest heavily in R&D and cope their expenses. • Customer loyalty: Customer loyalty is a reflection of the high quality customer service Apple offers. Apple needs to maintain this to maintain their customer loyalty. This a big differentiating factor for their business. • Steady and strong distribution – supply chain: Apple’s brick and mortar stores have provided them with strong direct sales capabilities by dealing directly with the customers…show more content…
These advantages can be broken down into external or internal economies of scale: Internal meaning from the company or External meaning from the industry. Apple’s internal economies of scale were established through its learning curve and volume of production. Apple has been in the industry for a while to have a leg up on competitors like Samsung by figuring out how to lower their production costs and analyzing their market better. Apple’s external economies of scale give them an advantage because of where they are located: California is the mecca for the computer industry in the U.S. As such, suppliers naturally flock there and computer workers can easily share their ideas and build off of another. Therefore, Apple gains a significant advantage of lower supply 
costs and a more intelligent labor pool. Apples economies of scale give it a clear competitive advantage of their competitors. They know their market, have access to reduced input prices, and figured out production processes to lower costs in producing their goods
As such it will be extremely hard for competitors to enter the computer industry market given the advantages Apple has created for…show more content…
How they attained this status was by being different from most other companies out there. As a result, competitors copy Apple's products and designs to reduce the differentiation status they hold over them. This forces Apple to come up with more innovative ideas to remain ahead of their competitors and retain their market share
As such, Apple holds a high product differentiation in their markets until technology diffusion makes their products available to their competitors to copy. 5) Technology: Apple, having expertise in the computer technology and the industry, has become a global leader in the computer industry and its research and development. Currently, they have expanded computer technology into phones, laptops, tablets, music players, and recently into watches with the help of medicine. And now, the recent product Apple Watch has the capability even to monitor the users blood levels through a medical sensor device. Generic

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