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Analysis of the Special Olympics has allowed me to experience the hard work and dedication of so many outstanding athletes. meeting these athletes with disabilities that would make anyone wonder how can they still smile and be happy. The determination and strength that they have is beyond words. The Special Olympics is an outstanding organization that brings awareness and allows those disabilities to compete and win. From the staff and volunteers to the families one can only walk away with the attitude that nothing is impossible in life. The community involvement and sponsors make it a great place for these athletes to shine. The mission of Henry County Special Olympics is to provide a variety of Olympic type sports and athletic competition year-round for all students and adults with intellectual disabilities. The experience gives each athlete opportunities to develop physical…show more content…
This program also brings families together and allows the whole family to be involved in all activates. Many of the athletes have been involved in the special Olympics since elementary school and other who have not it’s very easy to join. The special Olympics allow these young people with disabilities the opportunity to show they too are champions and can compete in numerous sports in a county, state and worldwide games. With every strength, there must be some form of weakness. when it comes to weakness there are few. Finding enough volunteers sometimes is a challenge and getting the ones that are signed up to come back. Sponsorship, on a cooperate level is not so much as a problem as local sponsorships. With the current economic times, small business tends to close and no longer able to donate. Athletes facing health issues due to their disables preventing them from paying a game or event. Not being able to play is very deter mental to a person with special
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