Swot Analysis Uniqlo

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Uniqlo, which is a globally familiar apparel company, focuses on providing quality and basic clothes while keeping lowest prices simultaneously (Uniqlo, 2016). It has an ambition of being a world-class clothing retail enterprise, and then capturing a place in the market of China is a crucial step. For it is still developing in China, this report will evaluate its brand’s marketing strategies through SWOT analysis and giving my recommendations by using PESTEL model.

Evaluation: SWOT analysis
SWOT is an approach which tends to embody the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat through diagnosing internal and external environment of the company (Verboncu and Condurache, 2016). It plays a major role in analyzing the current situation and designing future strategies of business.
First, the strength of Uniqlo is a high degree of control over products, for using SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) business model which ensures high quality and low prices (Uniqlo, 2016). Without outsourcing, it has accelerated circulation speed of products, enhanced the control of the procedure to monitor quality and squeezed costs. Hence, compared with some outsourced companies, Uniqlo seems to have lower prices but higher quality.

Second, weakness of Uniqlo is poor management of brand image in China. More consumers were attracted after the event of video in Beijing, yet many of them thought this event as a marketing strategy of Uniqlo which seems to cause
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