Swot Analysis: X-Jet's Competitive Strategy

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Now the question what most effective competitive strategy we could use? To answer this question we should go through process of strong competitive analysis then to know the three primary competitive strategies and finally if none of the premier strategies we are sure about we will go through analyzing our options further by consider where our company fit in relation to the competition.
A competitive analysis process is just like a map for product, channels, key message against your competition, and pricing and to make this analysis we should make a swot analysis for our company.
Swot analysis:
X-Jet’s is the world number one water jet packs maker. This company design and sells water jetpacks and our product is just a new project
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X-Jet’s produce a high quality product with the safety terms at the lowest possible price.
X-Jet’s is a global brand. And it’s number one at the field of jetpack making.
The income of the business is always dependent upon the shares at the Jetpacks market.
The retail section price is very sensible. Most of the revenue is derived from selling to retailers. Retailers head for offer a very identical experience to the consumer. So edges tend to get pressed as retailers to push through some of the low price competition pressure upon X-Jet’s.
X-jet’s is a big brand have a big name and it’s popular in the field of entitlement and making a water jetpacks so, it’s have an opportunity to make a huge statement and be the first company produce the real jetpack which is extremely awesome.
X-Jet’s is insecure to the international nature of commerce. It purchasing and selling in different currencies and so prices and edges are not stable at long term. Such an insecure could mean that X-Jet’s may be industrializing and selling with loss and damage. This is a problem that face all international
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Competitors are evolving alternative trademarks to eliminate X-Jet’s market share.
Three Premier Competitive Strategies:
In Competitive filed we have Three Premier Competitive Strategies which called Porter’s generic strategies which guide us as an X-Jet’s after see the swot analysis of the company to choose the differentiation strategy, it’s the best strategy could fit our products in the field because our product is unique and we don’t have a lot of competitors it’s just a few of them at this time but may be in the future the compotation will be raise and when it we will be ready to face with the frontal attack strategy because at this time our company will be the one who have the largest resources at the filed so it will be

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