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Marketing Audit Report

Submitted to: Submitted by: Group 8 Sec A
Dr. Ravindra Saxena 140201001 - A V Dwijesh Chowdary
140201002 - Aakash Sojitra
140201003 - Aamir Husain
140201004 - Aayush Agarwal
140201013- Abhishek Sethi

Volkswagen - Marketing Audit Report
A V Dwijesh Chowdary
Aakash Sojitra
Aamir Husain
Aayush Agarwal
Abhishek Sethi
Institute of Management Technology

13th January 2015
Author Note
We would like to thank Dr. Ravindra Saxena for this opportunity. (Group 8, Section A, DCP) Table of Contents
1. Introduction 3
2. Situation Analysis 4
2.1 Market Summary 4
2.2 SWOT Analysis 4
2.3 Products offered in the Middle East 4
2.4 Competition 5
2.5 Keys to Success and Critical Issues 6
3. Marketing Strategy 7
3.1 Mission 7
3.2 Marketing Objectives 7
3.3 Financial Objectives 8
3.4 Target Market 8
3.5 Positioning 8
3.6 Strategy Summary 9

1. Introduction
Volkswagen, a brand which stands out from the crowd is the top automotive manufacturer in Europe and also one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world. Volkswagen started by creating tanks and driving equipment for Nazi Germany during World War II.
Volkswagen grew over the next decades by acquiring new brands and introducing new models to meet the consumer’s expectations. Today, Volkswagen is a unique and distinct car brand with innovative advertising and vehicles like the Beetle.
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