Swt Analysis Of Jicecup Swot Mix

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SWOT Analysis
- Individualism – There is an increasing individualism trend reflected among Singapore’s population especially its young generation (TODAY, 2014). This indicates a desire for self-expressiveness; young adults feel the need to differentiate themselves from the rest. JuiceUp captures this population’s need by allowing consumers to choose their preferred style from a wide selection of design straps that will leave them spoilt for choices.

- Collaboration with Adidas – Owning a huge market share in Singapore, Adidas is a household brand well-known for its sportswear. Hence, the collaboration with Adidas (Ampy x Adidas) allows JuiceUp to leverage on Adidas’s popularity and build recognition by tapping on its large consumer base.

- Lightweight, Portable & Convenience – Pocket-size, wearable and weighing only 140g, JuiceUp removes the bulkiness of an average portable charger. Additionally, having a built-in wire eliminates the hassle of trying to find one to use it with the charger. Despite its size, JuiceUp does not compromise the amount of battery power because it is always charging while on the move! This brings about huge convenience to users as they would no longer have to worry if its battery power is sufficient to last through their day.
- Uncertain market – As JuiceUp is a novel technology here in Singapore, there is a possibility that the product may not be well-received from consumers hence, the market demand for the product can be

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