Sybil Ludington Character Analysis

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In the midst of a terrible time of war between Loyalists and Patriots, sixteen year old Sybil Ludington helped save the lives of her family and fellow Patriot citizens. The British were trying to take over the city of Danbury, but this young, brave girl took matters into her own hands, assisting in ways no one would have imagined. Sybil, the daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington, stood her ground to protect her family and city. With a reward on his head, the British were trying to capture the Colonel, who was a Patriot and the commander of the local militia. Being warned by her sister that men were charging toward their house, Sybil quickly took action fearing that the British would attack once they discovered her father was not home.…show more content…
When an exhausted messenger arrived to report that the British were attacking, Sybil volunteered to ride 40 miles in the dead of night in order to notify the militia to gather at the colonel’s home. Quickly riding on horseback, she banged on houses with a long stick and was successful in warning the people. Four hundred militia men ended up gathering at the colonel’s house. Though facing darkness, rain, and injury, Sybil was able to press on. During her mission of warning the militia, bandits surrounded Sybil in the woods. They attempted to steal her horse, however, Sybil fought back. She used her stick as a weapon, jabbing it at the bandits. Caught off guard by her actions, the men backed off slightly. Sybil took that moment to get back on her horse and escape. They had underestimated her abilities as a girl. Arriving back home the next morning, a weary Sybil was greeted with shouts and cheers for her bravery. In the following weeks, the supplies and the city were destroyed, but she had helped save the lives of her family and many citizens. General George Washington was so proud of Sybil’s actions that he made a special trip just to shake her hand and thank her for her bravery. Sybil’s response was, “And I hope I have shown you that it is not only the best men who can fight for freedom.” What a local
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