Sydney Opera House Case Study

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Assignment two Project Management Principles by Daniel Kane Index 2.1- Functional organization structure. Project organization structure. Matrix organization structure. Project role breakdown. Assessment of personality characteristics of a good and bad project team. 2.2- An analyse of a small engineering design and build project on the current and projected performance using Earned value techniques. Advantages of earned value management. Disadvantages of earned value management. 2.3- Presentation on a successful or failed project the Sydney opera house. Task 2.1- In task 2.1, I have been asked to create a report, which analyses aspects of business/project organisation structures. Functional organization structure- A Functional organization structure is an organisation structure where people in the group are grouped as per the area of specialism. These people will then be monitored and managed by a functional manager who follows in the same expertise. By having a functional manager with the same expertise as the group that they are leading allows them to utilize the skills of the employees. This ultimately helps the business achieve its objectives. In a functional organization structure members are classified according to the function they perform in the organization. Normally an organization chart shows the managing director at the top with each sectional function manager underneath with the employees under the functional manager. Each functional manager

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