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There are few buildings as famous as the Sydney Opera House in Australia, it could even be said that it is the eighth wonder of the modern world. It has a long history behind its design, the structure was started in 1956 when the Government of New South Wales called an open competition for the design of two showrooms: an opera and a symphony concert hall, which would position Sydney in the international music scene.
Concert hall
The construction of the Sydney Opera House began in March 1959, after the demolition of the existing Fort Macquarie Tram Depot . The project would be built in three phases: the foundation and construction of the podium overlooking the Sydney Harbor , the construction of the outer shells and the construction
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These are supported by vertical steel uprights that extend to the end of the shells . Bronze bars extend from the studs providing additional support to support the 2000 glass panels. These were designed by Ove Arup & Partners, consist of two layers of glass joined by an intermediate layer of plastic in order to strengthen the windows and provide better acoustic insulation.

The building was completed and inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in October 1973. With an initial budget of 7 million dollars the budget was exceeded considerably with a final cost of 102 million dollars. In 1989 the government was informed that the opera needed repairs - it would cost approximately $ 86 million - due to the falling of tiles and the deterioration of the structural ribs.

However, this excessive cost was the price to pay to turn the Sydney Opera House into a world monument of technology and society of the 20th century. In 2007 it was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, together with ancient monuments as the Stonehedge. In 2003 Jørn Utzon was awarded the Pritzker Prize, five years before his death in 2008. Due to the political problems that led to his resignation, the architect would never return to Australia to witness his finished masterpiece and today is considered as one of the most imposing structures ever
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