Sydnie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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She has long gorgeous curly hair, tall, and she 's thin. Has a bossy, but kind personality, rude sometimes, but also caring and loving. Eyes greener than a forest, and strawberry blonde hair. She 's 18 years old and has moved out, this person, is none other than my sister, named Sydnie. Sydnie has always helped me, whether it was helping me with chores or helping me with homework, she is always there. She has always been inspirational for me because she makes great grades, she is great at singing, art, and band! She taught me how to draw, and always encouraged me to get better at it. However, Sydnie can also be kinda rude and bossy, but it doesn 't happen very often. Sydnie isn 't the most responsible person I know though, I
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