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Sye Hope Behan was born on October 3rd 2007 to proud parents Brian Behan and Annette Jarratt. Brian served as a sergeant in the United States Marines for twelve years. While in the marines, Brian was medically retired with an honorable discharge and is now pursuing his education in the nursing field. Annette works for her parent’s family business, Jarratt Dirt Work, which is right across from Sye’s home. Brian and Annette were divorced in September 2012, but remain in contact and have a healthy and positive relationship. Sye currently weighs 50 pounds and is 4 feet 2 inches tall. Sye has bright blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that would knock you out of this world. She comes from a large family consisting of three half siblings Mariah 21, Vincent 19, and Avery 15. Sye also has a younger sister named Kelston, who is 6 years old. Sye lives with her mom, step dad Eddie, and little sister
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Even though Sye has never attended a day care, she has always had the ability to make friends her age and is very comfortable around adults. During her first two years of school, Sye developed a tendency to stick around the adults or teachers during school and social events. Sye’s mom has stated numerous times, “I truly think she wants to be an adult already” while laughing. During her second grade school year, Sye became better about running around the playground with her friends and not sticking next to the teachers. I have never see a kid with so many great mannerisms. Holding the door open for others, saying thank you, and just being very genuine. Sye definitely, “Treats others the way you want to be treated.” In her classroom Sye is willing to help her other classmates and friends when they need it. For Sye’s 8th birthday party, she had a great number of friends join her and never requested to go first on any activities just because it was her
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