Syllabus: A Reflection Of Literature Studys In The Teaching And Language

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What is meant by the term 'syllabus '?
When to evaluate a syllabus, it is essential to keep in mind the possible definition of the term to provide a basic framework for evaluation. According to the Longman Dictionary of Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics a syllabus can be defined as 'a description of the contents of a course of instruction and the order in which they are to be taught ' (Richards et al. 1992, 368).
Textbooks hold a cogent role in the teaching /learning process as they are the basic agents of transmitting knowledge to learners. The primary function of a textbook is to make available the exited knowledge and to facilitate the learners. Hutchinson and Torres (1994) state that a textbook plays a very important role in teaching /learning process. They state that textbooks provide the necessary input into classroom lessons through different activities, readings and explanations. Thus, textbooks will always fulfill the required needs. Textbooks are considered for both teachers and students as ‘the visible heart of any ELT program’ (Sheldon, 1988-237). Sheldon (1988) proposed the three main reasons that why the textbooks are so heavily utilized?
• Firstly, nearly all the classroom teachers find developing their own classroom materials an extremely difficult and laborious task.
• Secondly, teachers have limited time in which to develop new materials due to the nature of their profession.
• Thirdly, external pressures hinder in the teaching

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