Response To Sylvia Plath's Poem

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1. The prompt that I chose was the prompt about writing about a sentimental object. I chose this prompt because a sentimental object has a very deep and inspiring reason for why it is sentimental, and this reason changes from person to person. The reason for why something is sentimental to you defines you as a person, and expressing this reason helps me to express what I value and care about. This prompt lets me express myself, and that is why I chose it. 2. The style of punctuation and the amount that I use punctuation varies throughout the poem. I did this on purpose. In the first stanza of the poem, I try to emulate Sylvia Plath in that I use enjambment to separate ideas to help the reader discern what is important. I use punctuation sparingly to make the stanza seem more lighthearted, and the enjambment and the dash that I use helps to compare and equate…show more content…
My poem is structured into four stanzas. I have separated out these stanzas because in each one I have a different idea that I want to stress. In the first stanza, I talk about the shelf’s greatness and how it is more than just a shelf. In the second stanza, I talk about the shelf’s imperfections and how it is okay if its not perfect, it just matters that you like it. I also make the first stanza a little bit bigger than the second stanza to convey the message that what should be focused on is the greatness and positivity associated with anything, not the flaws it has and the negativity in the people who don’t want it. In the third stanza, I want to stress how unimportant it is what other people do and how you should focus on what you want not what others want. I do this by making this the only stanza that is dedicated to talking about other people and then making this stanza very short and, therefore, insignificant. In the fourth stanza, I talk about how the shelf is a part of me and that is why I care about it. I use the structure of my poem to separate significant ideas and help convey some
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