Sylvia Plath Literary Devices In Sentimental Devices

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1. The prompt that I chose was the prompt about writing about a sentimental object. I chose this prompt because a sentimental object has a very deep and inspiring reason for why it is sentimental, and this reason changes from person to person. The reason for why something is sentimental to you defines you as a person, and expressing this reason helps me to express what I value and care about. This prompt lets me express myself, and that is why I chose it. 2. The style of punctuation and the amount that I use punctuation varies throughout the poem. I did this on purpose. In the first stanza of the poem, I try to emulate Sylvia Plath in that I use enjambment to separate ideas to help the reader discern what is important. I use punctuation sparingly to make the stanza seem more lighthearted, and the enjambment and the dash that I use helps to compare and equate different things. In the second stanza, I use punctuation much more. I want the reader to feel the structure and how the rigidness and sometimes inconsistencies are faults that exist within everything. I also use punctuation to better emphasize meaning, like when in lines twenty-one and twenty-two I return to the punctuation style used in the first stanza and say, “They protested and discouraged like a / Parent who says the old ways were better – they were not.” I return to the old style to reinforce how using what worked before is not always the best, as many things can be used effectively. In the third stanza I don’t

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