Sylvia Plath Literary Devices

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Have you ever hated someone and feel that if you have the opportunity you could kill him/her? Did you ever fell that if he/she dies you will be happy or get redemption? Well our author “Sylvia Plath” feels that way in her poem Daddy, when she was trying to kill her father that she was see him as an evil monster, and tried to show us her life that she pictured it like hell, even when she lived with her husband that she was seeing him as an evil monster, so she wrote this poem and expressed her desire for death, which is the main theme in the poem, by using various types of literary devices like: repetition, allusion and hyperbole…..
Plath uses the repetition device to develop and emphasize the theme of “death”, when she tries to kill her father
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The speaker wants to kill her husband who is like a vampire to her, who tortured for years, so she does kill him, then she claims that if she killed her father first and then her husband, she will become the killer of two persons, so as we see she uses the hyperbole device to exaggerate with the description of her husband and his way to treat her with.
As we see, the speaker “Sylvia Plath” wrote a poem with a lot of literary devices such; repetition, allusion and hyperbole that support the main theme of “death” which she is talking about it in the whole poem, when she mentions her desire to kill her father even if he was dead, and comparing her life with unimaginable suffer that the Jews had experienced during the WW II, even her will and desire to kill her husband that she pictures him as a vampire, who made her life like hell, so like we see she has the desire of “death” that is talking about it in the whole poem, and making it the main
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