Symbol Of American Freedom In Lauret Savoy's 'Trace'

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This paper will discuss the truth behind the biggest symbol of American freedom. The Statue of Liberty has become an emblem of the rights and freedoms all Americans receive when the come from their countries. In Lauret Savoy’s novel, Trace, she discusses multiple areas where the culture of the people who were originally living there were suppressed and forgotten. In Trace, she also discusses the racism that has been in America for centuries and that is still currently happening in America. The Declaration of Independence says that “all men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” When it was stated “all men,” this did not include all races, nationalities, and religions. In 1885 the Statue of Liberty was given to America as a symbol of friendship from France, to celebrate 100 years of America being a country. The Statue soon became a symbol of American life and freedom of oppression as immigrants began to travel to America through New York Harbor. When immigrants sailed through the harbor, the Statue would be the first American structure they would see. The Statue also carries with her…show more content…
When visiting the Statue, the workers talk about the immigrants traveling so far to get to the incredible country of America to be free and live the American dream. They never share the stories of how the immigrants got to America. How there were hundreds of people stuffed in the lowest level of a boat who were sick or dying. Families being separated. Children having to face a new country on their own. Many immigrants left their countries because it was no longer safe to stay where they were. They came to America to find safety for their families. The hardest part for immigrants was getting to America, or so they
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