Symbol Of Faith In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

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Elizar’s faith in this story is essentially controlled by his dad. Elizar feels that he is now unfaithful to God, and his dad is the closest most available resource so he relies on him to help maintain his faith. In Night we see a chain reaction effect between Elizar and his father, if Shlomo is weakened and unmotivated, Elizar will be depressed and unfaithful. When Shlomo asks Elizar “Let me rest here…a little…I beg of you” (Wiesel, 105) Elizar knows that ”rest”= death so this tells him that his father is ready to die which means that Elizar’s symbol of faith is ready to die. This causes him to think of what it would be like without his father, in response he says “Instantly, I felt ashamed of myself forever.” (Wiesel, 106). The only thing

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