Theories Of Symbolic Interaction

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Symbolic interaction take a view of society. Symbolic interaction explain social behavior in term of how people are interact with each other through symbol. Your scene developing symbolic interaction having other people those interaction base on symbol that we used during that time, so the way we think of yourself is developed the way you act and interact with other people. Those interaction when you are communicate with someone else they resolve in that how you interpret symbol like language, gesture according to meaning of they feel.

This theory develop by George Herbert Mead. He believe that individual development for social process as meaning of individual scientific.
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Teacher, there are three self-conception such as
Ring master:- the have power to teach the pupil discipline and good thing. Pupil have to learn whatever the teacher teach and absorb that knowledge.
Entertainer :- teacher used the best technique to engage the student on their topic. His relation to pupil is very friendly and informal.
Romantic:- teacher is make possible learning and pupil free to choose whatever they should learn.
There are two major sub- role of teacher such as
Disciplinarian:- teacher have responsibility to organize activities within classroom, divide class into group, time management.
Instructor:- determine what it should be learn, how it should be learn, take watch as proof of learning.

The pupil have very complex attitude and it is difficult for teacher to understand it and recognize it. Pupil like school accept teacher because they think that teacher play strict, disciplinary role, instructor role. The pupil point of view of the pleasant teacher is that to find out what teacher want, hide what displease the teacher and balance the need to please teacher. The pupil something feel about please teacher is that “they have to do rather something they want to
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Every single part of society serve to progress to help society function properly. Sociologist used these function to explain social behavior and structure make up society. This structure are indispensable, society can function properly and they have positive function, they do something good for society and people. Functionalist believe that society move away towards stability rather than instability, so all of these structure helps the society kept it stable.
Human body look like society, body content bunch of interconnected organ that help it to survive, so you can survive along with heart. In same way society function, every structure in society function in a way that helps society to survive, so think of society like organism and think we are different part of society like organ that help in survive and that take on function

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