Symbolic Interactionism By George Mead (1863-1931)

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Symbolic Interactionism George Mead (1863-1931) George Herbert Mead is one of the key developers of the symbolic interactionism. This is a micro-level perspective based on self and society. It states that human behavior is influenced by meanings and definitions that are created through interactions with others in society. This is the ongoing use of a language and gestures in suspense to how the other will react in a conversation. Within the George Mead’s theory of Mind, Self and Society, he said that the self is made up of 2 components: the “me” represents expectations, attitudes and learnt behaviors of others in society. The individual’s defines their behavior depending on the generalized attitude of the social group(s) they occupy. The “me” is what prevents someone from breaking rules or crossing boundaries of society’s expectations. The “I” is the self-thinking, it is under your control and the response to “me”. (Aboulafia ,2016) The “I” would say that society says that I should behave like this, then so shall it be or I will rebel against that order by behaving differently. In other words, the “me” is the self as an object, while the “I” is the self as a subject. Mead also discovered that there are 3 stages in the emergence of self. These are: • Language • Play • Game. Language being what individuals use to respond to each other in a conversation; symbols, gestures, words and sounds. Play is taking on different roles and developing self-consciousness. This is being

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