Symbolic Interactionism: Social Paradigm

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Symbolic Interactionism
Institution Symbolic Interactionism
Symbolic interactionism is a social paradigm which explains the way in which people live. It tries to explain the behavior of people in relation to that of others and still asserts that people’s behaviors can only be understood through the way they communicate verbally as well as through the use of symbols. Under this theory, people are the doers of an action as opposed to whom action befalls. Through it, reality is formed from people’s communications and associations. It asserts the ideas formed in people originate from others. There are a number of ways which form the reality which people live and these are mobile phone communications and social media interactions.
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A lot of challenges are encountered in the education process such as lack of time for friends, self as well as the society. Other challenges that are encountered by students while studying are internalizing pressures from lecturers, lack of finances and ridicule. The time a student uses to study could be used in looking for survival finances and while in the study process, the student will be required to work extremely hard to please the teacher from which the student attains good grades. A student is exposed to ridicule from friends who make it from business as studying is a long term process. As the student struggles with financial problems, his friend is well off with finances from his business. But why does a person engage in the learning process even though it is tiresome? Why also does a person opt not to engage in small businesses but got to school? (Joseph, 2007) advises that a majority of people are told that education is important on a number of fronts while growing up so that they grow valuing education to a particular degree so that even if they face challenges while studying they persevere. The notion of the value of education did not just happen but was created by people who had experienced it and shared with their friends, relatives or even neighbors’. Joseph (2007) asserts that people will pursue education since they have been made…show more content…
From the paper, people are important as they are responsible for the shape of the world. People build on others and decide their lives. Some people are responsible for the empowerment of others and others destroy other people’s lives negatively. The ways through which these take place has been explained under Symbolic Interactionism. Basically, the interactions between and amongst people are influenced trough mobile phones and social media. They used to take place via face to face in the old
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