Symbolic Interactionism In Religion

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Since the Bible was discovered and been noted to be written a millennium ago, filled with credible news of real places, people, dialogue and events. Many people still believe, rely, and still may be worshiping what the many authors put in this book today. You may ask yourself, why do they still read and believe what the book says if it was written a millennium ago? What makes the Bible so special? Well the authors did a very good job of putting information that was taught to them at the time, like explaining about life and God himself maybe. How to live with purpose and companionship. Relate with other people like friends and family. To also and encourage us people to rely on God for strength, direction, and enjoy his love that he provides…show more content…
It emphasizes that beliefs and practices are not sacred unless people make them such. Once as sacred, people take special significance and give meaning to their lives. Religious rituals and ceremonies illustrate symbolic interactionist. They make it deeply intense that it would involve emotions of it, up to psychological states. It could even be an transformative experience for one as well. For symbolic, a two lined shaped as a “t,” is the symbol of millions of Christians with deep religious significance. A two superimposed triangles in the shape of a six point star is the symbol of the Star of David, a religious faith and reminder of the history of persecution for the Jews. A crescent moon and a star are just two objects in the sky but when put together it is the international symbol of Islam. People’s values, norms, statues, roles and many things that a religion provides affect them greatly as a symbol just represents everything that one believes in. Reality construction affects this by worshiping their Religion and if not than you may go to Hell if not worshiped like many other’s do daily or weekly. Dramaturgy affects this when it is time for everyone to come together and worship their Religion. For example, Catholics would meet in the morning at Church and hear from the Pastor on Sundays. Exchange theory would affect this by giving time from yourself to your God in return for peace in the after life, and go to a Heaven as the Pastor

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