Symbolic Interactionism Psychology

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The biological explanation of the brain in regards to drug addiction is interesting. According to the textbook, "Studies have found convincing evidence that drugs such as alcohol, heroin, and cocaine act directly on the brain mechanisms that are responsible for reward and punishment." When one use drugs, the drug stimulates the areas of the brain that create the sensation of pleasure and suppress the pleasure of pain, as, a result, the user receives reinforcement to engage in further drug-taking behavior.

The psychological explanation of drug abuse, "Focus on either personality disorders or the effects of social learning and reinforcement on drug-taking behaviors."

The sociological explanation on drug abuse and the symbolic interactionist perspective overlap. "Functionalists focus on how drug use and abuse fulfills a function in society, and conflict theorists emphasize the role of powerful elites in determining what constitutes legal or illegal drug use."
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Although this may be true to some instance. I also believe this concept can be limited as everyone who has a parent who abused drugs, or alcohol from the time of conception do not always take part in this kind of
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