Symbolism And Background Of Pizza Hut

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During the early days of Pizza Hut before the iconic red roof had become the symbol and logo of the brand, Pizza Hut had their own mascot, Pizza Pete. The mascot could be identified wearing a chef’s hat, neckerchief and an apron, and most often would be serving hot food to eager customers. Unfortunately after the 1970’s Pizza Pete faded away and was replaced with the still famous Red Roof which had originated in 1969. In the 70’s Pizza Hut expanded their product range to offering Pizza Hut pizza ovens (shaped as the actual Pizza Hut restaurant) – a concept very similar to the famous ‘easy-bake oven’ but instead kids could create their very own Pizza Hut Pizza. Recently in 2012 Pizza Hut launched another interesting product which was quite surprising for a fast food restaurant. Their own fragranced perfume ‘fresh dough with a bit of spice’ (along with the packaging being little pizza boxes), the perfume was offered as a limited edition and other promotions popped up over holidays such as Valentine’s Day. While on the topic of romantic gifts, Pizza Hut in the same year launched a programme where they offered Pizza Engagement packages, to all those who are trying to find a way to ask their significant other to be their life partner Pizza Hut created a package which included a limo, a ruby ring and other little add on’s to make the evening a success. The packages ranged from $10 100 and up. Online ordering nowadays is a concept that is well-known, but in 1994

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