Symbolism And Figurative Language In The Birthmark

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Summing up Symbolism In the short story, “The Birth-Mark” by Nathaniel Hawthorne symbolism and figurative language are very prominent. Symbolism and figurative language are a very important factor of truly understanding literature. The symbolism and figurative language for this story help the reader to truly understand the story and teach us about life. The symbolism and figurative language in this story help the reader understand how Aylmer truly feels about his wife’s birthmark, his motives/goals, and what the reader might take away from the story. In “The Birth-Mark” symbolism and figurative language is used to help describe Aylmer and his feelings for his wife’s birthmark. Aylmer’s wife loves her birthmark and couldn’t imagine not having.…show more content…
Aylmer feels this way about nature and wants to solve nature’s great mystery, death. He is a great scientist and feels like nature’s power can be controlled. He is foolish though because perfection is impossible to reach. Aylmer is obsessed with power that he ignored clues that were crucial in keeping his wife alive. One of the clues he ignored was the dream about his wife’s birthmark being apart of her heart. This clue helps symbolize his love for science is greater than that of his wife’s life. He believes the birthmark represents death and he fears death, therefore, he wants to rid his wife of her birthmark and death.
The reader can gain much knowledge through the symbols and figurative language for this story. “‘Yes master,’ answered Aminadab, looking intently at the lifeless form of Georgiana; and then he muttered to himself. ‘If she were my wife, I’d never part with that birth-mark’” (Hawthorne 216). This is an example of irony showing that sometimes the less educated have more to offer than they appear. When men try to control nature it ends in death and
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