Symbolism In 55 Miles To The Gas Pump

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Throughout history our society has grown and changed to form different images for itself by using natural habits that we all possess, such as lying and keeping secrets. As children we learn what secrets are and the impact that they have on ourselves as well as the people around us. As individuals it is second nature to keep something hidden that we may be ashamed of or something that we know will have consequences. When you put all of these secretive people together we create a civilization built on lies it causes different reactions from each person. In “55 Miles to the Gas Pump” Annie Proulx uses character and symbolism to make a point about the hardships of living in a remote destination and how having secrets without that community of people around can cause mental and even physical strife on us. In “55 Miles to the Gas Pump” Proulx uses character to help us gain…show more content…
Proulx uses descriptions such as “on the roof with a saw cutting a whole,” “sweat flies,” “exchanges the saw for a chisel and hammer,” and “ragged slab” (Proulx paragraph2). All of the phrases symbolize a rough masculine figure, like rancher Croom. Tools such as saws and chisels are usually used to build something up. In Mr Crooms case they were used to build up this lie that was hidden behind the attic door that no one was allowed to enter, and was now being torn apart by his wife. The “ragged slab” is a symbol of what Mr Croom had become. He had built this secret up and made it so sturdy, but during this same process he had torn himself apart, becoming a worn and useless board. Both of these symbols help to make Proulx’s point that if we do not let someone in through our attic doors we could end up like Mr Croom, built up so thick that we go crazy. And when we finally break open it is because we have worn ourselves down so much with this big secret and had no moral support through the

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