Symbolism In A Christmas Carol's A Christmas Carol

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In the book "A Christmas Carol" there is much symbolism. There is also lots of different themes. During this story there are three different ghost which are deeply influenced by symbolism and theme. The ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas future. These three ghost represent something different every time and they take you on a journey to discover how Scrooge became a Scrooge and whether he will change and learn how to love like he used to, or die a very lonely death and watch all his money go down the drain. .All of these ghost had more to them then meets the eye and it's my job to tell you their secrets.

In the ghost of Christmas past he has a bright clear jet of light coming from his head. This represents light, of course. Taking Scrooge back the ghost of Christmas past shines a "light" on Scrooges dark past. Even showing Scrooge being separated from his lover because of money and greed,this ghost takes us on a journey to find out what made Scrooge such a especially over the holidays. The ghost of Christmas past shows us that Scrooge was once able to love, and care about others and be joyful, but as he grows older and becomes greedier he begins to push everyone away. Scrooge becomes upset seeing his dark past and struggles with
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It never shows his face or even that he has a face, because he's supposed to be faceless. He also has no shapeand is wearing a black robe, so he's not cute. As you can probably imagine this grim reaper looking figure represents death. It also symbolizes the future which is not written in stone, he's trying to show us that if Scrooge continues down this same path that he will die a lonely death with only one person at his funeral. On the other it's showing us that if Scrooge stops in his track and turns around that his future will be bright. It's showing us that only you can change your future and really you can do it whenever you
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