Symbolism In A Dark Brown Dog

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A short story from Stephen Crane, “A Dark Brown Dog”, is a story that criticize the social issue especially the racial discrimination and slavery in the United State in the early generation. Erin Allen indicated that the slavery is a serious problem in 1800 especially “the counties along the Mississippi River and in coastal South Carolina”(Allen, 2012). The story use different characters, different objects, and different interaction to represent issue. Everything start with the dark brown dog with a rope on the neck meets the boy and they start play with each other. The narrator describe the slaves as a dog and that lets the reader understand how low the social status is for a slave. The narrator adds some different interactions to metaphor that the situation between slaves and the new generation. However, the father in the story to a person who has a bad temper and does not want to feed the dog. Father can be interpreted by the reader as the people who does not like black people. What does the father do to the dog is the exactly what happen in the slavery industry. Also, the debate between son and father about if they are going to feeding the dog is the main point of the story. The narrator metaphor that the new generation in the south does not has the power to determine slave’s destiny and the older generation still have the absolute authority to control slaves. “A Dark Brown Dog” is a classic literature of symbolism. The author of the story tries to use different
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