Symbolism In A Dog's Purpose?

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I read W. Bruce Cameron’s novel A Dog’s Purpose. This book has 180 pages. According to a customer review on Amazon,”Definitely a MUST have book.” I believe that A Dog’s Purpose is for ages 10+. The reason why I think that is because there are a few sad events and some violence that kids may not like. The main characters are the dog(Bailey, Ellie, Toby, Buddy), Ethan, Maya, and Jakob. The dog is loyal, smart, brave, loving, funny, determined, and strong. Ethan, Maya, and Jakob are loving, caring, kind, adventurous, and creative. Bailey is a Golden Retriever and his first owner is Ethan. Ellie is a German Shepherd and she is in the K-9 unit. Toby is a stray mutt puppy that lives with his mom, his one sister, and his two brothers,…show more content…
Ethan is the boy who owns Bailey and ends up being his purpose in life. Jakob is a police officer who works with Ellie. Maya is Toby’s owner, she has way too many dogs to keep legally, so she got in trouble with the police. The settings of this book is set in 1949 to 2012 in the wildness, a house full of many other dogs, an animal shelter, and Ethan’s house. The dog first starts out as a wild puppy. A few weeks later, after being nursed by their mother, a feral as well, the dog and his siblings Fast, Sister, and Hungry go outside of their den to explore the woods around them. Soon after, men come and capture them. The dogs arrive at a place called the Yard, where dozens of abandoned dogs reside under the guidance of a gentle old woman who is called Señora. Soon Toby is named by Señora, and adjusts to his new lifestyle. One day, many of the newer dogs at the Yard are whisked off to a veterinarian office. Not long after, animal control agents arrive with orders to shut down the place due to poor sanitation and welfare conditions. Toby is reincarnated as a Golden Retriever and is nursing from a new mother. A few weeks after birth, when Toby and his new brothers and sisters have matured enough, he and the others are allowed to play
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