Symbolism In A Farewell To Arms

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Joshua Fuller
Period D
A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms Paper The novel A Farewell to Arms by the author Ernest Hemingway had many uses of symbolism. Using symbolism, he was able to give certain items a different yet hidden meaning all through the novel. The symbol that I am going to focus on is the weather being used to foreshadow negativity and positivity. Some people already see rain as something that can be gloomy, sad, and depressing, but other people also enjoy it. Hemingway made sure that the way he was using rain would be seen as depressing and saddening. The very first use of the symbolism of weather is found near the beginning of the novel. It starts with a quote from Catherine to Frederic while they are at a hotel
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The main example of this would be the relationship between Frederic and Catherine. Frederic and Catherine could have had a great life together. They would have been together with a beautiful baby boy, living all by themselves, but they weren’t that fortunate. The only thing that was really fortunate for them was when they first met, but other than that, it was all down hill. Frederic and Catherine’s jobs made it hard for them to see each other. Long distance relationships can be hard, especially when transportation was as bad as it was. With the roads poorly made mixed with the bad weather made it hard for anyone to get anywhere. Another example of not everything going your way would be when Frederic’s knee got injured. Not only did he get dropped many times while on his stretcher while getting loaded into the ambulance, but he also found out that he would need six months of recovery and long and tedious lessons in physical therapy. It would have been a major setback for him had he not went out and asked for a surgery the next day. If everything were to go Frederic’s way, he would never have gotten injured, the war would have been won, and he would be living a long and happy life with
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