Symbolism In A Raisin In The Sun

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The XX and the early XXI century was and is still being marked as the centuries of the world’s adjustment regarding the view of differences in people’s appearance and beliefs. This has made changes on how people see their political, religious, cultural, and human races differences. Although differences in people still are main cause of violence, there has been a significant change since the beginning of the XX century until today. “Breaking the color barrier” has taken the objetive of seen discrimination and the differences in people through plays and short stories related to American society. A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, is a play which focuses on how the African-Americans were seen during the 60’s by the white ethnicity. Those periods marked the United States of intense discrimination which marked the play. The Youngers’, family in which the play directs its attention, lived tough moments due to the African-American discrimination and economic problems that drives the family to constant breakdowns. The play shows how the lack of economic stability interrupts their happiness and stops the family’s dreams become true. The theme of money leads in A Raisin in the Sun because Walter Lee wants to be seen as the money provider and take full responsibility of his family…show more content…
Unfortunately, the abortion of the new baby has been planned which brings into Ruth the desire of having money to give birth to the baby. The fact that she needs money to care and provide a good quality of life for the baby made her have a huge need for the check that will bring someone to life. When Lena told that she received the check, Ruth was filled with happiness. Immediately, she knew her mother in law spend part of the check in the new house, she thought about the baby exposing her most desired dream became
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