Symbolism In A Wall Of Fire Rising

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Danticat "A Wall of Fire Rising" And Munroe "Boys and Girls” Theme and Symbolism are important subjects that present themselves in “A Wall of Fire Rising” and “Boys and Girls.” Both short stories have sires of events that relate them to one another. These stories have connecting themes that end with lost dreams, as well as symbols that are presented to us throughout the stories. It’s important we understand why the theme and symbols in these stories connect deeply with meaning. As we read these short stories we can also focus on the significance of the characters and how they help us get a better understanding on how these stories evolve. Studying the connection both stories share, we realize as readers the effect characters can have on both…show more content…
Guy’s inability to provide for his family makes him unhappy. Throughout the story we focus on Guy’s actions and his disappointment of unemployment. When Guy mentions to his wife Lili the thought of putting their son Little Guy for the hiring list so once he becomes a man he’ll have a job. As readers notice the importance of Guy’s actions, we see here the right decisions Guy is trying to make. He’s doing everything possible so his son won’t end up unhappy and unemployed like his father. Working in the sugar mill is something Guy has hoped for and believes her deserves, “ I was born in the shadow of that sugar mill, probably the first thing my mother gave me to drink as a baby was some sweet water tea from the pulp of sugarcane, if anyone deserves to work there, I should” (323). There is a anger in Guy’s life because he’s wished for employment in the sugar mill for years, it’s something he’s hoped since a young child. We notice several disappointments in Guy’s life, but in all the darkness he’s experience he mentions a balloon to his wife Lili, “tonight I was looking at the balloon in the yard behind the sugar mill, I have been watching it real close. Pretend that this is the time of miracles and we believe in them, I watched the owner for a long time, and I think I can fly that balloon. The first time I saw him do it, it looked like a miracle, but the more and more I saw it, the more ordinary it became” (324). Guy finds importance in this balloon because it gives him hope to fly it. He achieves to fly the balloon in the air, but Guy’s lost dreams begin when he falls from it. We experienced Guy’s lost dreams throughout the story. His lost dream of employment and being able to provide to his family. When there was finally a chance to achieve something for himself, he experienced lost dreams again when he fell out of the balloon. The connections both stories have with lost dreams are very
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