Symbolism In A Worn Path

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In society, oppression and societal norms dictate the rules of survival, which draw out the most prominent traits that individuals use to their advantage to survive and grow. “A Worn Path”, written by Eudora Welty, represents this dynamic food chain built on the contrasts of white and black, or young and old, that motivate Phoenix, the protagonist, to find her true motivation and reason for living. To highlight the theme of being perseverant despite the encountering the clashing struggles in society within “A Worn Path”, Eudora Welty establishes and analyzes through symbols, the character Phoenix Jackson, an old and feeble colored woman oppressed by the obstacles of race and societal norms but achieves her life’s purpose by battling and accepting the conflicts on her path, displaying her trait of perseverance. Phoenix Jackson, despite being old and worn-down, displays her willpower of bringing medicine to her grandson by constantly going back and forth to town. The reoccurring symbol of time presents itself throughout the story to highlight Phoenix’s mechanical routine of trailing on the path full of obstacles. Eudora Welty highlights Phoenix as an existence who relives the identical moment of satisfaction as she portrays Phoenix “moving a little from side to side in her steps, with the balanced heaviness and lightness of a pendulum in a grand-father clock” (Welty). The grandfather clock’s pendulum represents the reoccurring motion of time. Despite swinging to the opposite
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