Symbolism In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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On most occasions, an object can be more clearly explain to the reader if the writer uses a symbol to represent it. Symbolism is used when it is meant to represent something else. It’s a figure of language in which the author creates a certain mood or emotion. For example colors may also be used as symbolism. The colors, in some ways, can represent the tone or mood of something. In everyday use symbolism helps understand their true heritage. In the story “everyday use” use symbolize to helps understand that the quilts and the dasher is symbolize as true heritage and love. And Maggie and Mama Johnson are symbolizing as true heritage and strength. Also Maggie is symbolize as misrepresentation of heritage and the black power movement. In the short story Dee a misrepresentation of true heritage and his mother Mama Johnson, Maggie who represents a true heritage. Dee was going to visit her mother and …show more content…

She can be who she really is. The yard is when most take place and it was when Delangel9 the family wants to be most of the time. Base from the editors of sparknotes“The Outdoors is a place of freedom, whereas the interior of the house offers restraint and discomfort.”(3) This can clearly tell us that the yard were the part where mama Johnson can fell free because in the house she remember when the house where burn up. Important characters and objects exist thought “Everyday Use.” The characters are important in their own ways it symbolize something. Mrs. Johnson and Maggie represent the true heritage and how her life were, because the burns that Maggie have it was when the house burn. Mama Johnson hands represent her hard working. Dee and Hakim-a-barber represent a misrepresentation of heritage. Mama has to take a decision of who she will give the quilts to because Dee want it but she didn’t know how to treat her mother right because she said to mama Johnson that he has to know her “heritage” will she was the one

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