Symbolism In 'All Summer In A Day'

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The sun symbolizes light, the rain symbolizes darkness, and the closet symbolizes cruelty. What does this mean to you? This could mean different things, depending on how different people analyze it. Not all people think about the sun, rain, and closets in the same way. The story “All Summer In A Day”, a short story by Ray Bradbury, shows you how this is possible. The protagonist, Margot, a nine year old girl and her classmates, the antagonists, took a trip to the planet Venus, where the sun shines once for two hours every seven years. The sun, rain, and closet were the three main symbols in the story. Each symbol represented things slightly different from each other. The theme of the story was jealousy can cause people to bully those who have…show more content…
The sun symbolizes light. Whenever the sun came out, it was a lot brighter. Margot was amazed to finally see the sun. She was blown away by it. “But most of all they squinted at the sun until tears ran down their faces” (4). Everyone was squinting because the scorching sun was so dazzling, to the point when tears were streaking down their faces. This happened because they were looking straight at the sun so much. “It was the color of flaming bronze” (3). This meant that is was very eye catching and it was a nice color. The author most likely included this phrase to describe the sun very thoroughly. “She knew they were dreaming and remembering gold” (1). This shows how Margot was thinking and feeling about her classmates. The sun caught everyone’s attention, including Margot’s classmates. Overall, the sun symbolizes light, when it extends its…show more content…
The rain symbolizes darkness. In the off years, when the sun was not shining, it was always dark and rainy. Darkness makes things less exciting. Imagine nothing but rain and darkness for seven years. “The drum and gush of water” (1). Rainwater was crashing loudly all over. It must have been very gloomy there. Everyone got used to it, after a while. “The concussion of storms” (1). Storms kept approaching. Nothing but thunder, lightning, and rain. “Now the rain was slackening” (1). The rain was finally slowing down a couple years later and the sun was going to come out. This was a good time. The rain symbolizes darkness in the off
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