Symbolism In Alymer's 'Birthmark'

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The birthmark means mortality. It 's a symbol that everyone has flaws. It shows that even though you might not have a birthmark as a flaw, there is still something there that 's a flaw. No matter what there will never be another person exactly like you in this world, and that 's what the birthmark represents. It doesn 't even necessarily have to be an external flaw though. You could have an internal flaw like by being rude. While Alymer doesn 't like Georgiana 's birthmark, she loves it because she understands it 's meaning. He thinks it 's ugly, but Georgiana thinks of it as something that makes her the person that she is. Some how, Alymer got the idea that he should get rid of her birthmark, and that it will give him power. Alymer also
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