Symbolism In American Beauty

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Do not look too close because even the most beautiful things in life can still hurt you. In American Beauty (1999) directed by Sam Mendes, has roses in almost every scene of the film. The roses and the rose petals symbolize two different things. The actual roses symbolize reality, on the outside it looks pretty and perfect, but the thorn will stab you if you try to pick it up. The rose petals symbolize fantasy, because the only thing you see and touch is the pretty part of the rose. This symbolism also works for the American dream of living in a pretty house in the suburbs with a white fence, it looks pretty on the outside but nobody truly knows what is happening on the inside. The roses are present during the scenes that are grounded in reality. There is a bouquet of roses on the dinner table. The family gives a the impression that they are pretty and perfect, just like a rose, but the second one looks closely at a rose they see the thorns. In reality the family looks perfect, but they are far from it. They are not the only family to be putting on a front. Everyone in the suburbs put on a front to hide the truth. They want people to think they are living the American dream, but at this point the dream is about as dead their inner selves. In the scene where Lester is actually about to have sex with Angela there is a rose bouquet on the table in the first shot. The bouquet reveals to the audience that this is actually happening. Another scene where the audience is in a
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