Symbolism In Apocalypse

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What 's sadder than shooting a flare into the ocean with absolutely no hope that anyone will see it? Not only does the author show a symbol in this novel but also shows hope. This symbol of having a flare gun is important to this story because a father and his son are in a time area where there 's scarce food and when an apocalypse happened. And need help to survive because there all alone and need food and shelter. The flare pistol also shows symbolism in this book because is a weapon and in a apocalypse weapons are a main priority and help you kill things or protect yourself from bad guys or wild animals it also helps because it provides light which is useful. As the author quotes ‘He cocked the gun and aimed it out over the bay and…show more content…
Yes or anybody that you wanted them to know where you were Like who? I don 't know Like God?” Yeah maybe somebody like that This symbol reveals the characters a little bit because it shows how they are hopeless and relying on a flare and in the beginning of the book the father believes that he was appointed by god to protect his son now later on he is starting to believe that god left them with his own things. Later on the boy asks who could see the flare and other questions. The man replied like god? which shows they are questioning the faith of god and to see if he could help them. It also shows the abandonment of god . this also shows a part of a theme called religion becasue they are hoping god will be able to see the flare from up above and help them but the father knows that won 't happen. A symbol can lead to many things in a book such as revealing the character or to taking part in the theme. The flare gun was a huge symbol in the book to show how they need help to surviving and hoping someone will rescue them. As you read this book you 'll will start to realize that a flare gun is very usful weapon and a symbol. As the author quotes “ He loaded the flare pistol with last flare and shot up in
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