Symbolism In Ashputtle

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Short Story Essay When I was younger, fairy tales were always my favorite movies to watch. From Cinderella to Snow White, I was glued to my TV screen watching them all day. As I have gotten older I have realized that there are certain patterns that show up in every short story. In “Cupid and Psyche” and “Ashputtle” one narrative pattern shown is things that come in threes. In Ashputtle, the stepsisters are cruel to Ashputtle despite their beauty, “But their hearts were ugly and black.” (Manheim 853).The stepsisters are very beautiful and do not show how cruel they are to others often. But they despise Ashputtle. This is impactful in the story because the sisters torture Ashputtle and make her feel like she below others when really Ashputtle…show more content…
Ashputtle has birds that watch over her and help when she wants to go to the dance,“O tame the doves, tame the turtledoves.” ( Manheim 854).The birds that are in the story symbolizes her mom that has past away. And help through life just like her mom would. Ashputtle really relies on the birds a lot in the story, they helped her with the tasks she was told to do and when she needs to get ready for the ball. They also helped the Prince when he was wrong about who he thought his wife was. This pattern affects the story because without the bird Ashputtle would be lost. The gods have different emotions for Psyche some hate her and others guide her,“Next venus returned to the banquet of the gods.” (Benson 846).The gods are the symbols in the story that guides Psyche to what she needs to do and helps her through Venus disliking her. Venus did not like Psyche and others like Ceres who helped her and really was a symbol in the story that guided her to what she needs to do. Cupid is so in love with her he disobeys his mother and pricks himself. Psyche does not realize and doesn't trust the beast she couldn't see. This affects the story because this made the theme, that there needs to be trust in a
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