Symbolism In Battle Royale

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Battle Royale story written by Ralph Ellison who is the main character was forced by the legislation to compete in a Battle Royale with other students. This story provides the realistic representation of being a black person in the country dominated by the white. During this time, the economy of Japan was nearly totally a collapse in view of the fact that they experienced high rates of unemployment. Ralph Ellison had a number of questions lingering in his head on how to achieve the equality between the white and the black. For instance, this story is set under the regime of slavery whereby his grandfather has been a slave for about eight-five years. His grandfather gives him advices never to look back rather than to keep the fight. Therefore,…show more content…
As a point of fact, his graduation day was regarded as a disgrace in the sense that the black communities were not supposed to acquire education. This opened the gap of discrimination between the black and the white particularly in schools. Humility was used as weapon while facing challenges in and out of the school. Ralph Ellison demonstrates that humility is the key to success since being authentic as well as vulnerable considerably shows confidence. He recalled the speech he delivered on his high school graduation that urged humility and submission as the key advancement of black American towards victory. In addition, the sentiments made by his grandfather contributed greatly to the moral and emotional ambiguity of the story with lessons to learn in order to seek equality among the white and the black American. The stripper, as a symbol in “Battle Royale” contributes greatly towards the struggle for equality. He symbolizes the freedom black men will have when they are equal to the white since the speech delivered by Ralph Ellison was discriminated even by the drunkard in the…show more content…
This enabled him to realize following the ideologies of the white contained major limitation. For instance, his grandfather suffered humiliation as well as slavery, which proved vulnerable to racial prejudice. The dramatic speech which conveyed by the narrator was perceived by the white as a joke since they were not prepared to accept the ideas of the upstanding black citizens. In reality, the embarrassment the narrator received motivated him to emphasize on industrial education which is the key to overcome racism as well as discrimination towards the black community. The men’s reaction towards Ralph Ellison’s slip of the tongue by saying “social equality” for “social responsibility underlines clearly the point he was conveying. Their reaction towards the point, threatened the white’s supremacy according to them. They disregarded the speech of the black American since they had their opinion that the speech exhibited an individual’s interest. Normally the humiliation constituted of superiority of the white at the expense of the black American. The humiliation of Ralph Ellison transformed his dream in view of the fact that the scholarship he was awarded is a way of actually keep him to the interests of the white. He feels the happiness of limited success in a white man’s world. The fight between the black American sounded as a nightmare since other black boys pleaded to leave the contest but
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