Symbolism In Big Two Hearted River By Hemingway

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Hemingway’s use of trains/tracks as a symbol occurs in Big Two Hearted River, Canary, and Hills Like White Elephants. First, In the story Big Two Hearted River, The choice that Nick mad is to go back into the wilderness to deal with his PPsD. To get there, he takes a train, the train to his future. Nick got off the train and...”The train went on up the track out of sight...” (para 1). Nick has to get off the train to go to the wilderness until he is mentally stable and whole. then he can get back on the train and continue his life. Second, In the story A Canary For One, The American man and his wife rode the train to paris with the decision to go separate ways. The man and his wife got of the train and the author told us,”We were returning
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