Symbolism In Biggie

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In the book Biggie, by Derek Sullivan, it takes place in a small town in Iowa called Finch, where almost everyone plays sports. Biggie however, is an overweight kid who sits at a computer desk during all of his free time. Biggie eventually meets a girl named Annabelle, who he falls in love with right away. Biggie goes to gym class one day and throws a perfect game in wiffle ball and then is pushed by his brother and his mom to try out for the school baseball team. Throughout most of the book Biggie is in love with Annabelle, although at the end of the book, Biggie ends up meeting a different girl named Courtney that he ends up falling in love with. In the book Biggie I noticed that the author used a lot of inner thinking, symbolism, and dialogue.…show more content…
One time that Sullivan uses symbolism is when Biggie and his friends help girls whose car broke down. The symbol in that is most likely the car. Sullivan uses the broken down car as a symbol of change. Normally Biggie would not have stopped to help the car but since his friends wanted to he had to. This is a change in Biggie’s normal life. There is also another change; Biggie meets the girl he will soon fall in love with. Another example of when Sullivan uses symbolism is his weight. Biggie got his nickname because he is obese. Biggie’s weight can symbolize challenges. The way Sullivan does this is by making his weight such a big roadblock in the first half of the book. He prefers to stay alone because he is not social. But since he pitched a perfect game, Biggie decided that he wanted to try to play baseball for the highschool team. Biggie’s weight was stopping him from realising his talent and from meeting his love and his friends. One more symbol that I noticed in the book is Biggie’s gift for pitching baseballs and wiffle balls. I believe that this is a symbol because it helps Biggie to get out of the house because it is something that he is good at other than using a computer. If Biggie would not have discovered his talent than he would never have met Courtney and his whole life probably would have been behind a computer
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