Symbolism In Bless Me Ultima

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A symbol can be used in any situation to represent a bigger idea. This symbol represent the good or evil in the object, idea, etc., and can reflect on how this object/person’s actions. Rudolfo Anaya places many different symbols throughout the text as a way to point out the significance of certain scenes and characters. Anaya places the symbols throughout the story as a way to develop the necessary ideas. In addition, he uses symbols to connect to important events and the development of characters such as Tony. In the story Bless Me Ultima Anaya uses the llano as a symbol to reveal that there are endless options and opportunities that will build up to Tony’s coming of age which is shown by the freedom and the wideness of the llano Anaya uses the llano…show more content…
He begins to notice the several features of the llano that make up its extraordinary appearance such as the water which runs beyond it. For the first time Tony recognizes the llano as more than just as a piece of land as he says “…the beauty of the llano unfolded before my eyes and the gurgling waters of the river sang to the hum of the turning earth.” At this point in Tony’s life he is finally conceiving the vast llano at its full potential unlike before. Anaya places water imagery in this quote to describe the appearance of the llano. He uses the word “gurgling” most likely to show that the water in a way is “alive” and so is the llano in this case. The word “unfolded” is also placed in the quote to demonstrate that the llano’s beauty, which was once covered away from him, opening up and revealing itself. The word “sang” adds to the first description of the water of the llano and again shows that the water at the is “active”. This all connects back to the main idea of the llano because it is Tony’s first encounter with its true beauty and the first time that these opportunities open up to
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