Symbolism In Blood Wedding By Gabriel Garcia Lorca

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In the play ‘Blood Wedding’, the poet Federico García Lorca uses a lot of symbols to effectively bring out the different themes. A lot of these symbols are used repeatedly throughout the play to add to the richness of the writing. One of the main and most frequently used symbols used is ‘blood’. With the help of blood as a symbol, Lorca is able to evoke different themes in a more intense way, that adds to the whole drama of the play. Blood is used to refer to the repeating and continuing cycle of life and death. In the beginning of the play, the mother talks about how her husband and son had been murdered by a member of the Felix family. Since the characters are all related directly to their ancestors, the mother assumes that her last living son will have the same fate and inevitable tragic end as her husband and other son did. The mother says “A glorious man, an angel, his mouth like a flower, who goes out to his vines or his olives, to look after them, to care for them because they are his passed down to him from his fathers -” She says this referring to how her husband was killed when he went out to the fields, and she is implying to her last living son that he will have the same fate. Blood is also used to refer to family ties. The mother says “Yes, your father took me there. Good strong stock, he was. Good blood” Over here, good blood means that the bridegroom’s father was an honorable man. Also, the father of the bride talks about Leonardo saying “That boy

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