Symbolism In Blues Ain 'T No Mockin' Bird

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In the short story, “Blues Ain’t No Mockin’ Bird” by Toni Cade Bambara, extended research needed to truly understand the story because of the seemly random instances throughout the story. First, the term unknown term of “Auntie” which is what the camera man called Granny at the beginning of the story. For example, after extended research, it was learned that “Auntie was a term originally used for an elderly slave women in the south” (“Auntie”). By doing this the author reveals that Granny and her family are african americans and that the cameramen are white. As a result, by using the term Auntie, the author indirectly states the race of the characters. Second, the symbolism with the pesky hawk, that was causing problems for the main family.
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