Symbolism In Butler's Essay

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Body Paragraph l: Butler is using the country as a symbol of Abigail's emotions and the way she lives in isolation from the 'real' world. In the text, it blatanly states that even though Abigail is surrounded by all of her loving family, how can she "[s]till feel so lonely." Even though she has many people around her, Abigail feels like she is alone. The reasoning for this is because she has been around the same people, more importantly, the same location. She lives in a place where you see and do the same thing constantly, so nothing is changing, giving it the feeling of solitude. Not only is the landscape affecting Abigails mood, but also the time of the year is taking a toll on her. In some places when it is winter but hasn't snowed, everything is cold, dead, dry and starts "[to] feel like a drought all over again." The feel of this scenery seems like everything is dull and lifeless, which can make anyone lonely. This use of symbolism of a country…show more content…
As the piece comes towards the end, the protagonist faces conflict against the weather. When trying to find John Marsh, her only chance at getting away from isolation, "[a]ll across the horizon ahead were the vast billowing frays of a blizzard," that forces her back. Abigail had the perfect chance to be free, but the setting that made her feel lonely, keeps her from leaving. Even though she wanted to leave, she knew that she had no other choice than to turn back home. Both Abigail and her horse had an unease about the weather and what it was going to bring, they "[h]ad their own life to live," so they galloped home. In this case, it seems that the author has made the setting the antagonist. It is something that is working against Abigails way of freedom and a chance of a more exciting life, which is how Butler has shown the setting is an important role in the
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