Symbolism In Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

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In the play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof written by Tennessee Williams it seems that a normal family is getting prepared to arrive at a birthday party. But behind every character’s face, there is secrets and pain. It shows that it might be an ordinary family, but there is so much more that goes along with all the conflicts occurring throughout the play. They way Brick talks to his wife Margaret is horrendous. The alcoholism that is being used is symbolizing Bricks actions. The alcohol probably was the reason Brick Had Sprained his ankle that leads him carrying around his clutches, which showed a sign of weakness. The alcohol and his crutches were an easier for him with his excuses that he had made. Every serious questioned Brick got asked he asked to pass him the liquor, every time they asked for his guidance he explained he was a crippled man. Even though in the play Big Mama acted like she’s blaming Margaret, and asking personal questions about her and Brick in bed I felt a connection between these two characters. Margaret and Big…show more content…
But I feel that Mae was the one that was Jealous of Margaret in numerous ways. Big Mama cried for help for Brick, not her other son Gooper, I also feel that had upset Mae more than it did to Gooper from the way Gooper didn’t care that Big Daddy liked Brick better he didn’t care if he wasn’t the favorite, but Mae didn’t like the fact that Big Daddy and Big Mama but more affection to Brick than Goober. She hated how Brick received attention with the present that Margaret bought to make it look like Brick had bought it. Mae didn’t want Margaret and Brick to have a happy ending she didn’t want to believe the fact that Margaret was with child, this proved the Mae was the jealous type than
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