Symbolism In Christian Religion

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straightforward public talks. SYMBOLISM IN CHRISTIAN WORSHIP Each religion has its own symbols and tradition that are used as a representation of that particular religion. Similarly, symbols are also used by Christian tradition to illustrate what’s believed and to express Christian ideas. The most common Christian symbol that we come across in our everyday life, is the cross that represents the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. It must be noted here that a cross isn’t a crucifix unless it is marked with a representation of Jesus. A crucifix could be found in Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, whereas empty crosses are found mostly in Methodist, Anglican, and Baptist churches. Also, a lot of Christian symbols could be identified with Pagan symbols. Symbolism in Religious Architecture Christian church have been using symbols since the earliest ages for various reasons, such as: • Symbols have been used among the faithful as a secret sign during times of persecution. • They are used as a way of teaching those who are unable to read bible. • They remind the believers of God’s sovereign power over all the creation. • Symbols have also been used in order to memorialize God’s sacred activity in human history. During early times, the symbols of church were understood by initiates only. Later on, after the Christian religion was legalized, the followers started using more recognizable symbols. In primary Christian architecture, there was a distinct emphasis on the
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