Symbolism In Churning Of The Milk Ocean

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Symbolism in the story of Churning of the Milk Ocean:
To the ignorant people, the stories from the mythology look like fictional worthless stories, and a few may even laugh at them, however, the wise ones perceive in them hidden symbolism and great messages. In fact, many Indian scriptures, including the Vedas use deep symbolism. One can gain insight into them only if one has deep knowledge or gift of the God.
Asuras, Devas and Indra:
Devas as explained are natural forces which give something to us like the sun, wind, water, fire etc. Asuras are also mighty forces generally evil in nature. Indra symbolically represents the mind. Meaning of the word Indra means the one who perceives. The mind perceives the world through the senses and was therefore Indra. The Vedas have poetically personified the mind as a deity who loves to enjoy sensual pleasures and has hedonistic inclinations. Being the personification of mind he is the most powerful deity and the king of all natural forces.
Symbolical meaning of Indra’s desire to gain kingdom of heaven implies that the mind always wants to enjoy sybaritic pleasure. Longing for opulence, splendour, sensual pleasure, material gain, and intoxication are always dear to mind. Lord Vishnu is the incarnation of the absolute who resides in each one of us as our true self or consciousness. The mind in order to enjoy pleasure seeks the advice of the self. The self advises the mind to explore the forces of nature, both evil and benign (Devas and
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