Symbolism In Cold Mountain

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2006 Prompt Charles Frazier’s, Cold Mountain, is about a couple who must survive in Cold Mountain, North Carolina, just as the Civil War is ending. Where the author chose to place these characters is key to the entire episodic novel. The action within the mountain’s valleys and peaks is well described to create a sense of isolation to find a meaning in the protagonists’ lives, Inman and Ada. Cold Mountain also is a home, a place where Inman can find his beloved Ada. Frazier chose Cold Mountain to symbolize the strength and toughness of the characters. In Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier uses the mountain as a theme, location and symbol to create a setting which functions in the work as a whole. The novel’s theme of isolation to find a meaning…show more content…
Characters like Inman, Ada, and Ruby all are represented by the mountain. Mountains are pictured as colossal, vertical rocks with characteristics which include, toughness, pride, and stability. Ada and Ruby were left alone to defend and survive without the help of Inman, as he was making his way back to Ada. They had to become survivors in order to live in Cold Mountain, because Ada could not break down or give up without being her love. Inman travelled from his prison in the war, to the mountain on a long path to Ada. Defending himself from the Federals (Union), crazed civilians and wild bears, Inman was physically and mentally prepared for the challenges he faced because he showed courage and strength during his during. These characters were symbolized by the mountain’s strength and tough durability, due to the characteristics they showed in the novel. Theme, location and symbolism are the functions of the setting in which Frazier uses in Cold Mountain. Inman’s isolation was caused by the actions at Cold Mountain, but helped him find a meaning of home. The mountain was a specific location to where Inman and most of the characters lived. The mountain is a representation of the characters, for they are strong and unfearful. The setting was significant to the role in the novel by Charles Frazier as they made their way through the dark moments of Cold
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