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CHAPTER-3 CROW SEARCH ALGORITHM Introduction Mankind has a long and checkered past with crows and ravens: They have been feared as symbols of death, because they 're all black and scary, revered as creators of the world because, well, it was either them or the seagulls, and worshiped as trickster gods, because of their baffling intelligence. Many scientists think that corvids - the family of birds that includes crows, ravens, rooks and jays - may be among the most intelligent animals on earth, based on their ability to solve problems, make tools and apparently consider both possible future events and other individuals ' states of mind. Lot of research that has been done with crows because they are such intelligent species and few measures…show more content…
And hell, that 's probably fair. Even crows admit that. And that 's why, when crows have food they want to stash, they always keep an eye out for other crows. If another is watching, the crow will pretendto hide the food in their cache, when in reality, they 're stashing it in their chest feathers. Crows have learned sleight of hand! Then they fly off and bury it in another cache, far away from prying eyes. Figure 3.1 shows that the two crows are quietly looking for their food and planning how to reach their destination and have…show more content…
The source which is best among all the food sources is taken as global solution and objective function is defined by the quality of food source. Simulating this intelligent behaviour of crows, crow search algorithm tries to find the optimal solution of various optimization problems. Crows are one of the most intelligent species among all. Their body to brain ratio is almost or bit less than that of humans. A crow 's brain is the size of a human thumb, huge relative to its body, putting their intelligence on par with primates and allowing them to solve complex problems. They use their intelligence and cleverness in protecting their food and stealing others food [23]. They use various techniques and skill like their different way of communication, their strong senses, face recognition and are every much skilled in preparing tools according to the requirements and

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